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Welcome to our new website ... In order to simplify we have revised and streamlined the information contained herein.  The following is a brief description of the navigation buttons found at the top of each page.

Products ... Due to the fact that our Hexahedron 999, Water Revitalizing and Restructuring Units, are now occupying a great deal of our time ... it has become necessary to discontinue some of our product lines.  The products that we are still making are posted ... If you cannot find what you are looking for  simply contact us to see if it is still available.

Books ... The books which are posted are still available in hardcopy ... We will be looking at making our other books available as e-books later this year.

Articles & Info ... We have maintained our most popular articles in this site, however, some of them have been condensed.  We have deleted many ... and we will be adding information to this section when it is available.

Yantras Sacred Art ... We have maintained all of the Yantras in this site ... and we do have some better quality images now posted.

Water A-Live ... This link will take you into our Hexahedron 999 website ... Be sure to check out our water research and the photos of Biophotons.

News ...  We will be using this space to share our journey with you.
Welcome Friends

May your days be filled with joy,
May your heart be filled with light,
May your journey be the purpose
That fills your days and nights.

May you walk in fields of flowers,
May you stroll through abundant forest,
May your journey be the purpose
Through which ye shall flourish.

May your nights be filled with beauty,
May your dreams be filled with glory,
May your journey be the purpose
For the completion of your story.

May your eyes be filled with wonder,
May your ears be filled with song,
May your journey be the purpose
For that which your heart  longs.

May your hands be filled with abundance,
May your cup overflow  to the end,
May your journey be the purpose
By which ye Ascend.

We Salute The Divinity In You
Happy Journey Into Eternity
Here NOW !